Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Born Creators.

For we give ourselves not enough credit. We were born to create. Fingers sculpted with the powers of perception and patience. Minds with ability to think beyond worlds, boldly going where the body does not dare to travel. I say, why hold back these talents; why continues to underestimate ourselves when history has been a look into future possibilities. Let your ears hear and your eyes see, just what is there but the potential of what could be. Allow the walls of reality fall beneath you, opening doors that dreams have yet to go. Who are we to limit ourselves knowing what others have done with less then we have. Your life is a gift and should be treated as such. And do not allow others to dictate your level of accomplishment. We all have to these abilities, the only question is, How will you choose to use them. Look at your hands. Study there make up. Appreciate there concept. Don't just exist; be and create. Give life to your imagination. Give hope to the hopeless. Move the impossible and do not stop for anyone, because your fingertips carry one more important ability... To save lives. Allow them to do so by you just living yours to the best of your abilities. Movement are not just words but actions rippled amongst time. Start your drop, now... -JT

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