Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Letting Go; Forgiviness

Letting Go; Forgiveness
Forgiveness this is the process of letting go of decisions made and/or things done to you in the past. Think of forgiveness as a fist and think of all the things you hold on to. Past loves, bad decisions, things that others have done to you; but then imagine life trying to drop success, new love, money, and other things we deserve into that same hand on a daily. The fist you have created has now blocked those things and has kept you from the very objects you desire the most. We must first realize what a fist represents and why we find so much comfort in it.
A fist is protection, from the world, our friends, even our significant others. A fist represents to ourselves a way of communicating that we will not just take anything from anyone and that we will continue to look out for ourselves. But there's and old saying, "A closed mouth doesn't get fed." This concept also stays true for hands as well. Your fist subconsciously tells your brain that you have yet to let go of things that have happen to you in the past and this causes a chain reaction. We start to allow it to dictate who we hang out with, what we do, what we don't do and most importantly, who we are. If you want success, power, money, good friends, love, and many other things that ppl aspire to have then you must first let go of the things that are keeping you closed off from receiving them. Make a fist with your right hand. Picture the things that bother you. The things that are barred deep inside of you. The pain, the heart ache, the mistakes; then with that same hand turn the fist downward and Let It Go. Open your hand and release it all. Subconsciously tell your brain that you are ready to receive all that life as to offer. Walk with open hands and sit with open hands. As you sit at home, at your job, at the bus stop, open them. You are now telling your mind to finally Let Go.

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